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My latest deviations. These should give you a basic idea of what I'm working on at the moment.


I seem to be faving more things than usual nowadays. And I don't know why.



BloodDraw: Cartoon Style by SimonsArtbookService
BloodDraw: Cartoon Style

"So you're the Retributer? This urban so called 'legend' this city speaks about? I'm not impressed." - BloodDraw right before his first fight with the Retributer.

"Do you have any idea how it feels when no matter how many times you win, you always lose?" - Wang talks to the Retributer after realizing his granddaughter didn't want or need any of his money.


Real Name: Wang Jones

Aliases: BloodDraw

Occupation: Mercenary

Skills: Kung-Fu master, bo-staff mastery, sword mastery

Builds: peak strength, peak speed, peak flexibility, peak stamina, peak reflexes, (all moderately degraded due to his age)

Powers: None

Age: 71

Species: Human

Height: 7 ft, 7 in

Weight: 347 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White (formerly black)

Place of Origin: Forbidden City, China

Current Citizenship: Mobile

Date of Birth: Unknown

Body Type: Mesomorph

Equipment: oxygen tank, bulletproof costume, bo-staff with hidden swords

Family members: Unnamed granddaughter, unnamed great-grandson

Affiliations: None

Allies: None

Adversaries: The RetributerShooting Star, Smyte

Goals: To Keep his granddaughter (and the rest of his family) safe and fed well

Achievements: Mastered all Kung Fu techniques

Medical Conditions: Requires oxygen tank for vigorous exercise

Alignment: True Neutral

Motive: Feeding his family with his blood money to ensure their future

Story: The Retributer

Personality: Merciless, vigilant, persistent
  • Playing: DragonFable
I played the most recent quest in Dragonfable. And I deciphered Laguzokis journal with my clever puzzle solving skills. Here's the translated content to make it easier for you.

Laguzokis entries:

This is the journal of laguzoki. bone caster young Nivalis is proving to be an adept pupil he has progressed far more quickly than i would have imagined possible. His grasp of the basics is beyond compare truly the line of frostfyre is blessed.

Today young nivalis summoned an ice elemental at the age of twelve. His skills are already quite advanced. Not only did he demonstrate great magical skill. But he then displayed his physical prowess by defeating the creature bare handed.

I am beginning to believe that this may well be the one long forold of that will lead out people back to out lands.

he will bear watching.

Today young Nivalis captured three humans. What surprised him most was the utmost shack with which he were greeted. Nivalis was most outraged by the fact that we seemed to be unheard of at all.

Master Nivalis decided to hold the humans and gather all the information about the humans that he could. Unfortunately humans are very short lives and are somewhat fragile. Rather than Nivalis being pleased by this fact he was even more angry than ever.

How could these little folk possibly defeat us from out homes. And then forget us. Nivalis used this information to whip our people into a frenzy. Many of our people fell in line and demanded that Nivalis lead them home to take revenge on the small folk.

Nivalis started studying the humans. Looking the the key to defeating them despite the superior numbers.

I am of the same bloodline. if  Nivalis ever discovers this. My life will be worthless. I must destroy those pages to ensure that my secret isn't discovered. for now I must flee. I shall travel south near the lands of the humans.

There i must wait for the coming of a human hero and send him on his journey. I give this journal to Sceolan. In the hopes that he will preserve history within these pages.

Sceolans entries:

Here begins the journal of Sceolan the survivor. For many years i have kept this journal. But until now it wasn't necessary to keep track  of events.

After the departure of of Laguzoki. His followers have quietly worked in the shadows to derail Nivalis' plan.

There is a great division among our people. Many know that Nivalis is of the Frostfyre line. And that his word by rights is law. Some of us know better. Nivalis is a thug. And is More interested in vengeance against the small folk. There are those of us who believe that there is a better way. A way of peace. The  raiding is not necessary. We can live well with those who once forced us north.

We have learned in the past hundred years that we are. If anything. Merely a myth used to scare human children. This has enraged some of our more war-like brethren. But some of us merely find it sad. These are those among us who would go south raging and storming and bring war to the small folk. So as to remind them that we are home. And we are to be feared.

We cannot allow that to happen. The very survival of out people depends on how we react to this. True. Being forgotten and relegated to myth is disheartening. Some among us however believe that the best way forward is to forge an alliance with the small folk.

War has broken out amongst out people. Nivalis has learned of the people who wish to have peace with the small folk. And has declared us to be rebels. We will fight to the last to defend out ideals. However we cannot allow hatred to rule us. And that is what he would have.

Nivalis himself has not made an appearance however. He has removed himself to his mountain top castle and sequestered himself inside. The Stormrider clan has been all but wiped out. I am one of the last survivors of my kind but i will not allow myself to be taken by his forces.

Blizzard and draught clans have fallen in behind Nivalis. Despite their earlier resolutions not be so I don't know how much farther i can remain here. The fighting has gotten intense. And many of my friends have fallen. Too many are dead or lost. Our village has been wiped off the face of the earth by Nivalis and his followers. Those accursed Khy'rhian flooded our village killing everyone that I was away at the time. I am resolved to seek out others of out kind and see if i can convince them to stop Nivalis. Or if not stop him then replace him as our as out ruler. I am convinced Nivalis is utterly insane.

A followed Nivalis the last time he wandered up into the mountain. He's always surrounded by those accursed Khy'Rhian. And I cannot find the right opportunity to end him. He goes up and stands on a peak across from that strange gate. He gazes at it for hours. I don't know what is going on in his mind. I awaited my moment while he was away and went to his fortress. He has maps spread out on tables in his study. He seems to be obsessed with a being named Lethalis. There are papers on his desk referring to a spirit warden whatever that is. I am concerned about his plans. As near as i can tell from what i've seen. He's planning to destroy lore in a cataclysm of ice.

I am no bone caster but even i understand that we are part of lore. And we cannot exist in a world that is frozen. I am convinced he is completely mad. We are made to live in these cold climates but we also enjoy the sun. And warmer climes are good us as well. Our past history is proof of that.

The clans are scattered now. The madness of Nivalis infected our people and we fell to fighting amongst ourselves. I have sent my warriors to white mountain to await my word. One day i will bring them down and we will destroy Nivalis and all he stands for.

I have begun searching for Laguzoki. I know that he journeyed south towards the lands that were once ours. And is now living in a place where the summers are far warmer than they are here. He may be getting close to a hundred years since anyone has seem him. I have ordered my fighters to follow him. They are not to approach him merely to keep an eye on him and what he does. I have also sent someone to steal some papers from Nivalis.

I hope to find something in his papers that will help us to take him down. While it's true he's the frostfyre clan. And our laws make protected. I believe he has broken the trust of his people.

He will not lead us back to our old way of life. And I'm not convinced we should return to that way of life.

He will only lead us to ruin.

There must be a way for us to return to the world of lore. Not as destroyers but as a part of the whole world. Here in the icy wastes we only grow stagnant. We grow less healthy as there are herbs and plants that we cannot grow by the blue frostfyre.

In my search for Laguzoki I have seen the ocean. I have felt the call of her storm tossed seas it is my desire that i can experience the thrill and joy of sailing on the winter seas. Standing tall in the raging storms upon a deck that rocks wildly with the heaving of the ocean. I believe that we can return to the world of men. Not as destroyers but as traders. We can lend our strong arms to the world of lore and elp protect this world. We are but one rake upon the surface of this world and i believe that just squatting here in the shadow of the mountains here we must evolve or will disappear.

We must become more than we are or we will never reach our potential. This i Learned from Leguzoki. Who is wise beyond his years.

I have learned something from the papers that i had stolen from Nivalis. It seems that the best moment to strike against Nivalis will be when he attempts to absorb the evil spirit called Isathaara. We have heard of this creature from Legukzoki to absorb the spirit. He will have to maintain all his concentration to succumb if we attack at that precises moment. We may be able to disrupt the ritual. The biggest concern at that momment will be eliminating all the Khy'rian he has surrounded himself with.

I will hide this journal for now. And hope that one day our chance will come. If the lords are kind till that time. I shall continue to search for laguzoki. And watch Nivalis. I believe our chance will come if we are patient.


Megacycle by SimonsArtbookService
Megamancer Tom-Nomis' preferred vehicle of choice. A lifelong companion that cost him millions of points (Vushvahn currency) to purchase. It's his most expensive possession.

Fig. 1 & 2 Exterior
The large shield shaped gemstone on the front served multiple functions. Such as a magic winch, peripheral vision, a destructive beam, a garage of magic missiles, and many other useful purposes. The orbs in the wheels power the wheels and keep them attached to the vehicle as well as serve as a thruster and allow full flexibility of the wheel. This flexibility can allow the tail to whip out as an attack. In addition the wheels can stick to sloped surfaces and even hang upside down as long as it's moving fast. The tiny gems on the side of the front plate are for standard lasers in vehicular combat. The armour plating is tempered and designed to withstand the vacuum of space and heavy attacks.

Figs. 3 & 4 Interior
Controlled by two steering levers that can be pushed and pulled back and forth to control speed. Pull one and push the other to spin in the respected direction. With hand grips that slide in clockwise and counter-clockwwise formation to steer. And the magic screen summoned in between to serve as the dashboard to select weapons, indicate vehicle condition, and speed. Also on the hand grips are buttons to allow use of the various tools and weapons that the Megacycle provides. Those two triggers on the grips that look like brakes, well it's time you learned about Vushvahns customs. Those are the brake and thruster controls. The left trigger activates the thruster, while the right trigger activates the brake. The gemstone above shows the road ahead in third person as though he were playing a video game.

Figs. 5 & 6 Thruster orb wheel
The orb thruster is used for travel through space. Works underwater as well.


SimonsArtbookService's Profile Picture
Simon Briggs
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello Everyone. Welcome to Simons Artbook Service.
Here you will have full info on my projects on my DeviantID.

Here are my Current project(s)
1: The Legend of Lammatto Grey Art gallery
2: Silverwing Crossovers
3: Faldo Sprites
4: Tom-Nomis Novel
5: Remastered Silverwing Drawings
6: Leon (Silverwing Fan-Fiction)

Here are my past Project(s)
1: The Legend of Lammatto Grey: The Lost Lands Book Preview

Here are my ongoing project(s)
1: DragonFable Glitch Pack
2: DragonFable FanCreation Pack

Here are some possible Future project(s)
1: Kolio Saga Book Preview
2: Faldo RPG
3: The Legend of Lammatto Grey: Kingdom of the Cursed Cities Book Preview
4: Tom-Nomis Novel Poster
5: Lord Eagle Begins Graphic Novel

Here are my discontinued project(s)
1: the Daily Service
2: Tom-Nomis' Office

Here are my cancelled project(s)
1: E.G.Chaser

Here are my shelved project(s)
1: Tom-Nomis in Megamancer Armour
2: Kolio Main View
3: Oceli
4: Rocuvian Crawler

Other sites

If you're looking for amusement then you've come to the right place. Just take a look at the DragonFable Comic pack and Leprusche Brightwing's comedy genius.

If you are going to make art requests or ask for gifts then SimonsArtbookService is at your Service. But we have some rules here.
1: I am a strictly vore free artist.
2: I don't draw anything overly sexualized to the point of disrespect towards women's bodies. I'm a very strict feminist.
3: Don't expect gifts and trades to come before any of my own stuff or in any particular order. The point is I'm going to finish your request or gift sooner or later.
4: Please be respectful and allow me to work.
5: If you notice any mistakes or errors don't hesitate to report them to me. I will take them into consideration.

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